Keeping your organization running.

Service support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Once your installation is complete, InSight Tech Inc will work with you to keep your organization running at peak efficiency.


Service Agreement

All workplaces have a dynamic element to them. Rarely does it remain in the state we left it at the end of the contract. Individuals come and go, environments change, buildings are modified and site uses change.

InSight Tech Inc. offers a variety of ways to keep up with the changes and alterations which can be tailored to meet your site and financial needs. A service agreement can be created for you that can predetermine the cost of our services for a fixed length of time. Costs are generally based on a sliding scale determined by the amount of work to be done on each call. The rates are set below our standard rates reflecting the overall volume of work that is anticipated over the length of the agreement.


Post-Installation Support

As an InSight Tech Inc. client, you will receive our best care and attention. Based on the nature of your call, we commit to respond to your calls promptly. Whether the work is covered under our warranty or is an addition to your cabling plant, it will be performed using the highest quality components and with our expert technicians’ meticulous attention to detail.
Your InSight Tech Inc. representative will be pleased to discuss your options with you and to work with you to determine the level of support that is best for you.

Depending on the nature of the problem and its impact on your operations, our standard response times are as follows:– Urgent – Immediately (As required by customer)
– Major – 1-2 working days
– Routine – 2-4 working days


Service support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, on request.